Doug E. L. Haynes is an award winning artist, native of Madison, WI and an active member of the Wisconsin Visual Artists. His work runs the gamut from plein air, florals, self portrait, biblical illustration and works inspired by life in Korea. In 2015, Haynes was one of two featured participants in a presentation on "Art and Scripture" in Seoul, Korea. His work has been exhibited in numerous juried exhibits. Some exhibits of note organized by Haynes include: 30 paintings in 30 days (solo plein air show) in 2013, Friends from Near and Far at Commonwealth Gallery in Madison, WI 2010, Two Cultures: One Spirit, at the Saitama Modern Art Museum in Japan in 2002 and 2008. He has worked independently and collaboratively on numerous mural projects. In 2015 Haynes installed a mural depicting holy week at First Baptist Church in Madison, WI. He was selected to create six original paintings for the 2000 Governor's Awards in Support of the Arts. Haynes is served as editor of the Wisconsin Visual Artists publication Art in Wisconsin and has edited the online site since 2003. Haynes has written extensively about the arts of Wisconsin including numerous articles for Wisconsin Visual Artists Magazine. Haynes served on the induction committee of the Wisconsin Visual Art Hall of Fame from 2002-2011. Haynes assists over 50 artist in the creation of their individual websites through software he developed ( ) which enables artists to create their own website. Samples of Haynes' work can be seen at