30 Paintings in 30 days

Thanks to all who have Joined the art CSA*.Please note the date change to: Sunday November 10th at 1:00

All 15 shares are spoken for, however The 15 paintings not distributed by the CSA will be available for $100 on Nov. 10th

In October Doug Haynes will paint 30 paintings in 30 days. $100 will purchase a share in the CSA which will entitle the share owner to claim one painting at the end of the month. A limit of 15 shares will be sold.

Since there are 15 shares and 30 paintings, even the last person to pick a painting will have a choice among 16 works. Artwork will be distributed in the following manner. If there is a particular painting you feel you must buy, you may pay for a premium share $200 which will entitle you to claim a particular painting at the end of the month. Premium share requests will be honored on a first come first serve basis. For those paintings that are not reserved by premium share requests we will have a name drawing and allow the regular shareholders to claim their painting from the remaining works in the order their name was drawn. If a shareholder is not able to be present at the name drawing, shareholders may indicate their preferences in advance.

The drawing of names and distribution of art will be held on Sunday November 10th at 1:00. All the works will be on view at the distribution. This event will be open to shareholders as well as the general public. The distribution will take place at 1008 Emerald St. in Madison, WI. Shipping is available for out of town shareholders. New paintings will be posted daily on www.emeraldstudio.com and www.facebook.com/emeraldstudioart until the end of October.

Contact Doug Haynes at 608-255-0201 or haynes@emeraldstudio.com

*CSA stands for Community Supported Art.

The Capitol Times ran a story about this project. See host.madison.com/ct/news/local/city-life/artist-creates-paintings-in-days/article_a1b2dec4-54f9-5347-b796-853fd76748ac.html